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NEW MODEL ALEKO WG450A WIND TURBINE 24V WIND POWER WIND GENERATOR + FREE CHARGE CONTROLLER New 2012 model!Technical specification:Rated Power: 250W Blade Quantity: 5 Start-UP Wind Power: 5.5Mph Rotor Blade Diameter: 4.2Ft Rated Wind Speed: 22Mph Working Wind Speed: 5.5 Mph Charging Voltage 24V What is in the box?Wind Generator WG450A 450W 24 volt Charge Controller Manual 1-Year Warranty Shipping:Shipping within 48 US States: FREE SHIPPING Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico: $100 Worldwide: $20

This is the Permanent Magnet Alternator Mount that is used in our Hurricane Wind Generator Kit. These are top end products made and shipped in one piece. They are welded heavy and powder coated and meant to last for the service life of our turbine so they are overbuilt so to speak Fits Delco 10 and 12 SI single and dual wind generator pma's It does come with all necessary hardware necessary to attach 10 and 12 SI PMA's to towers. The tower diameter most small wind turbine are mounted on is 1.5

Wind Turbine Generator Charge Controller Blades, Amp Meter, Sunforce 45444 600W Item Condition Brand new, factory sealed Product Features Charges both 12V and 24V battery banks Ideal for remote locations, cottages and backup-power needs Operates in wind as low as 4MPH Weatherproof industrial-strength design with low noise fiberglass blades Includes: turbine, (3) blades, a safe and highly-efficient MPPT charge controller for optimized charging, hub, vertical tail, nose cone, amp meter, screw pac

Every turbine is finely balanced. Smooth rotation is ensured Quiet in operation Unique and purpose designed generator The turbine spinning when other wind generators stall Overall delivers more Ampere hours of power per day especially in low to average wind speed. This is a smallest version of vertical wind generator, can be around the home, farm, boat, business, or anywhere else where the power is needed. This is a great working conversation piece to show the potential of what can be done with renewable energy today. Not only is it perfect for battery maintenance, it can also be used to power remote lighting, laptops, communications equipment, signs, or nearly anything imaginable that is electronic in nature. You can connect this unit to any 24vdc battery directly to charge it, and then run DC devices off the battery. Or, attach a small AC output inverter, then run your AC powered appliances. The ALEKO WGV30 is popular wind turbine in home yard, boats, advertising signs, telecommunications tower, etc. Thousands have been sold and are in use worldwide. People have the particular inclination for it's clean, aerodynamic lines and its quiet and continuous operation. Without any doubt ALEKO WGV30 accumulates more energy than any other comparable wind generator available.

Wind turbines generators sustainable 403 energy wind generatersmills wind mill generator power lakota wind power airx generation Wind turbines wind mills wind power wind power generation You are bidding on a brand new 11 blade WIND GHOST ULTRA LOW WIND TURBINE With 500 Watt SLANT CORE PMA with 48 volt AC 3- wire / 3-phase PMA SUPER LOW WIND ZONE SPECIAL! For Wind Turbine Testimonials SEE Happy People For installation please see our helpful guide Blades begin to spin at ONLY 2.8 MPH Wind Zone 1

Entr'acte's Pacific Voyage/Costa Rica to Galapagos
Entr'acte's Pacific Voyage/Costa Rica to Galapagos
Sale Price: $29.95


An entertaining adventure story of two musicians headed to Tahiti in a 27 foot sailboat, Entr'acte. While preparing to transit the Panama Canal, they discovered severe damage as a result of a hit and run collision. Rather than returning home they chose to transit the Panama Canal and voyage on to Costa Rica to make repairs. After six months of enjoying the Costa Rica Yacht Club, the people of Costa Rica and the beauty of the country, they ventured out into the Pacific bound for the Galapagos. A ten day voyage of light winds finds them crossing of the Equator. Arriving in the Galapagos they set to work exploring the islands and learning about the land and sea life offered. Many day excursions to the various islands gave them a great Galapagos experience. The story ends with Entr'acte's departure for the Marquesas and Tahiti.This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

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